Inmotion Hosting for Small Business Shared Web Hosting

As we reviewed top 10 shared web hosting services, InmotionHosting is definitely one of the best hosts available out there. Best reasons for choosing Inmotion Hosting for your small business website are:


For a small business (infact, for big businesses too…), refer to InmotionHosting’s shared plan generally termed as “Business Class Hosting”. Prices start from $5.95 and that would the best choice for your website. Do not go to pay more unless you plan to create and host many more websites in future. Even this $5.95 started plan offers you hosting for 2 websites. As we discussed on a different article, a decent hosting service would always cost you $7-$10 a month. Do keep in mind, most hosts will give you discounted prices for the first invoice. Same in this case too. The $5.95 plan will cost you $6.95 afterwards.

If you plan to have more websites in future, do check their higher-end plans; at somewhere around $7.95 to $13.95 a month, they offer 6-25 website hosting features. Visit their site for the latest offers.

You get what You are Promised

Unlike small-time hosting companies, the Business Class Hosting at Inmotion DOES NOT promise to allow hostign UNLIMITED number of websites. And they mentioned it very very clearly. If someone is giving you something unlimited, then definitely there is a compromise.

After Sale Support

The basic hosting packages at Inmotion are ready-setup and very easy to use. You get a 2 months money-back-guarantee too.
The customer care guys are available 24×7 and it’s really surprising the speed at which they solve the trouble tickets! A++.

Reliability and Speed

Be warned! It’s a lot of headache switching to a different host after experiencing unreliable service from your current one. From that point of view, InmotionHosting is our best choice so far.

What matters to visitors and the search engines is the Loading SPEED of your website. We are amazed to see how fast Inmotion’s servers delivered pages from a shared server!

So far, InmotionHosting stands as the top choice for a small business that deserves a high speed and highly reliable shared server at nominal costs.
If you are buying InmotionHosting’s services, do check their discounted prices promo offers (approx $12 off in 1st year invoice) running on their home page.

10 thoughts on “Inmotion Hosting for Small Business Shared Web Hosting”

  1. It depends on what you plan to install on your server. Generally CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc need just one database. Infact, we have a huge Drupal website along with other applications that share the same database. 1 mysql database should be enough.

    1. It’s often good to have multiple databases available. For example, you may need to install a CMS software, a forum, and some other custom scripts and you may want to keep the databases separate.

  2. At 5.95 bucks, most shared servers give UNLIMITED number of websites ans databases. Don’t you think this limitation of Inmotionhosting is a li’s bad?

    1. If you are serious about your website and expect 10k+ daily visitors in near future, the shared account won’t be enough for more than one such website. Do your maths before buying.

    1. It’s not the best. You can still pay 30+bucks a month and grab a VPS for few extra seconds of uptime in an year. or it may be otherwise too. What the author says is shared hosting will be the most cost effective.

  3. Inmotion hosting is still more expensive than Hostgator. I believe Hostgator is as good as Inmotion. Infact, the best for my business site.

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