Hosting a Fake Login page for Phishing?

Think again. Are you really into this? Chances good that you have came across some so-called hacking websites and decided to give it a go.
They also taught you how to create fake login pages for gmail, hotmail or even fake login pages of banks.

While I don’t see ANY reason why you should not STOP right now, let’s assume you ‘really’ have a good reason to host a fake page. Which hosting do you choose?

Hosting phishing pages with FREE web hosting providers

That’s where you usually want to have a look. That’s what every other wannabe hacker (thief) does. It’s almost zero risk for you unless the law enforcement guys are after you.
Downside is, the hosting providers usually remove your contents and account without a proper notification. Guess you had missed the fine-print when you ‘accept’ed the terms and conditions for free hosting. Well you must also know the free service is not always reliable and your scripts can fail without reason 😉

Using a popular web host

Don’t do this! Even though you can host your phishing pages on a good cheap shared server on well-known providers e.g. HostGator,don’t test their leniency. I like these hosts because they don’t mind whatever you do unless there’s something really important. However, the ToS usually tells you to stay away from all sorts of hacking/phishing attempts; else the accounts may get terminated.
That’s so because a good shared web-host would never like to risk blacklisting of their IP addresses, spoiling own image, and risking thousands of other co-shared customers’ data.

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Having said that, your scripts will most likely work effectively on these hosts and never fail you as long as you don’t breach the ToS or cross the resource limits.

If that didn’t make sense yet, DON’T host a phishing/fake page ANYWHERE.

84 thoughts on “Hosting a Fake Login page for Phishing?”

  1. yes, there are n number of reasons why your host can terminate the account. Don’t do that with good hosts.

  2. what are some of the good sites to host phishing pages??
    are they free?
    how do people create fake sites and host them?

  3. Do not use free hosting for any kind of phishing or fake login pages. These hosts would randomly restrict your access or delete the pages without your notice and there’s very little you can do. Trust me, it’s a shitty experience when you have already sent the fake website link to somebody and the site is lost! Go with a cheap hosting option from a reliable provider like inmotionhosting or hostgator. I’ve learn it the hard way.

  4. Hi Ravepal thanks for your comment but can we use fake hosting to test and practice before subcribing to premium or paid host what you reckon which am just learning about phishing but i want to test with free host and see how it goes please kindly advise @Ravepal.

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