Choosing Web Hosting for Small Business

Very often we see people asking help for hosting a small (2-5 pages) website. With loads of so-called small-business-hosting service providers out there, it’s really a tough job choosing the best and most cost-effective one. Here is what to look for:

Shared hosting or Dedicated?

Think about your estimated traffic. What will be the traffic one year down the line? What features do you need on the website?

As we are talking about the 2-5 pages sites that are meant mainly as a status of the Company’s web presence; you will NEVER use more than 10% of what a web host provides. As a rule of thumb, always consider the company that promises LESS (yes, we said LESS) at the same price as the competitors.

And ofcourse, you must go for a shared hosting plan where multiple customers share the same server and possibly the same IP address.


A shared hosting for a simple 10 page static site should cost you somewhere around $7-$10 a year. Yeah, you are thinking about the $2 and $3 ADs you saw recently? You get what you pay for!

And most hosting companies do give a 20% – 25% discount on the first invoice. Hence the prices they advertise look cheaper. Make it a point to ask what the charges will be after the first invoice. Noted? OK.

Resource Usage

This is what 80% of the customers forget to ask. Read the ToS properly. Make sure you get 10-25% of the server resources at any given time and atleast 25 concurrent SQL connections.

Features Offered

For a small website, you should ideally be looking for features like:

  • FTP transfers
  • Online Control Panel
  • Sufficient Bandwidth
  • Email
  • Logs

Here we intentionally skipped a lot and lot of features which you should not use to decide which web host to choose. Almost all good hosts offer you storage space much more than what you will need for the web pages.

These basic guidelines will help you kick-start your online presence, for sure. Do check back for we are going to touch many more minute stuff you will encounter during the happy hosting!

4 thoughts on “Choosing Web Hosting for Small Business”

  1. Hi There! Can you tell the best and cost-effective shared hosting company for my needs? My site is just plain pages to describe about what my company does. Best Regards.

  2. BLUEHOST prices are good for a starter. Though I have not used their service yet, a lot of my clients do use bluehost. Hopefully you can throw some light.

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