BlueHost or HostMonster: Review and Comparison

Let’s clear your doubts, BlueHost and HostMonster are the same web hosting company. Both are owned and operated by the same person and both of them have same office address and similar looking websites. Both of these companies offer single hosting plan and we don’t think that could pose a problem for someone who may want to upgrade later.

If you have already short-listed BlueHost and HostMonster, let’s help you choose one out of them.

Brand Reliability:

Definitely you can guess, both these hosting companies must be having the same technology and servers of the same configuration. Yes, that’s true.
Blue Host has been in market since 1996 (non branded) and Hostmonster came up much much later. Thus Blue Host’s customer base is much larger than Hostmonster. They are more well known and have a stronger brand.

Due to the brand-image and large customer base, it makes more sense for the CEO to protect and operate BlueHost than HostMonster when need arises. (Yeah, web hosting companies go bankrupt very frequenty.)

Hosting Schemes and Pricing

BlueHost has been offering pretty good hosting plans at the maximum discounted price of $3.95 (normal prices are $6.95) and HostMonster offers $5.95 against the normal price of $7.95.HostMonster, however, offers $5,95 prices from time to time. BlueHost prices are pretty fixed theough.

This means, you can get the same hosting from the two companies; but at different prices. Why not go to BlueHost then? It does have a brand image of Premium Hosting and I have worked with more than a thousand happy BlueHost customers.

Support Base

Both BlueHost and HostMonster share the same customer-support group. However, most of the times, your query can be solved by browsing through the customers discussion forums. In this regard, BlueHost’s customer forum is significantly larger than HostMonster’s. You can expect more active customers and discussion threads in BlueHost forums than in Host Monster’s. And your chance of another BlueHost customer rsponding to your query is pretty higher.

However, all customer trouble tickets are promptly acted upon by both the companies. Hence, not an issue there.

Why are there two brands? Why don’t they merge them?

It is very common for hosting companies to sell same hosting under several brands. This is just to save atleast one brand if, in the worst case, the other brand goes down (look at the cut-throat competition between webhosts). The most important thing remains the same; i.e. the QUALITY OF SERVICE.

Both BlueHost or HostMonster are doing pretty good in their businesses and there is no reason you should anticipate any issue from any of them. Basically, you should choose the one with the lowest price. All webhosting discount deals are usually applicable for the first invoice. Make sure you choose the one with lower recurring bills.

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